So I was going through my timeline and a story struck me, this lady had been dating a man for a while about 6months; according to her everything was sailing smoothly until one day the man got a call from a number saved as "mini love". after much probing her boyfriend opened up about having 2 daughters. Well, she has been contemplating on how to tell the man about her 2 years old son and she thought it to be a perfect opportunity.

The crux of the matter is that her date flipped when she brought up her son then he walked out and ceased communicating with her for over 3 months now the guy is back and wants to meet her son and even brought up the idea of marriage. She is confused and wondering why it took the man so long to come to terms with the fact that she also has a child but is bent on having her accept his.

Should she continue with the whole relationship thing or just walk away???


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