Farting is also know as mess according to the Nigerian setting and it is disrespectful to fart in front of people especially those ones older than you. Let's consider some facts about farting you never knew:

1. An individual farts a minimum of fourteen (14) times in a day.

2. Farts contains hydrogen sulfide that diminishes mitochondrial hurt. Smelling farts can be sound and healthy too....Hahaha

3. Don't be embarrassed about farting as it infers that you are strong.

4. Quit holding your fart as the disadvantages of doing that are numerous and dangerous too.

5. Soda and Gum tend to make you fart more.

6. A huge bit of the passing gas happens around evening time when we rest. That's why you some persons fart more when they are deeply asleep.... Hahaha.

7. Farts go as fast as 10ft/sec.

8. Female farts stinks more cause of higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide and theirs is more profitable to smell... Mmmmm.

9. Men fart more than women.


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