Our society seems to be okay with the idea of a man cheating in a relationship or marriage(especially the man's relatives) but if a woman does same, then there is serious problem that might eventually lead to a lot of gathering (family meetings) which will eventually lead to the woman being sent lacking from her matrimonial home. Let's now consider the reasons that can make a woman cheat.

1. Loneliness: if the husband is the travelling and the workaholic type this might lead the wife to seek for love else where especially when she can't control her emotions.

2. Period of crisis: the lose of a job or parent can make some ladies have affairs outside their marriage most especially if the husband fails to understand her.

3. If she is expressing anger and husband doesn't seem to notice, she can resort to cheating as a way of hitting back on the husband.

4. If they are emotionally starved, extra marital affairs could set in cause they feel that will enable them become emotionally stable.


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