Some person's believe that medical complications can only be solved by drugs. Well, I present to you natural ways of solving some eye problems which includes the following:

1. Fish: the salmon is a specie of fish that is very functional in restoring eye health. It serves the specific function of preventing dry eyes.

2. Eggs: the egg yolk contains vitamin A, lutein and zinc which are all useful to eye health.

3. Almonds: Almonds such as nuts and seeds are very good for eye health cause it contains vitamin E which helps to prevent age related macular degeneration.

4. Diary: Diary products like milk and yoghurt contains vitamin A which helps to protect the cornea and helps with night vision as well as protecting the eye cataracts.

5. Carrot: it contains vitamin A which helps the surface of the eye and also helps to prevent eye infections.

6. Oranges: it contains vitamin C which is very good for eye health.


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