Before now it was believed that the only place for the girl child in the society was the kitchen and the bedroom. But currently we have seen female's handle leadership position even better than their male counter part. This is a welcome development that should be greatly applauded because this renowned and successful female's will serve as a role model to the upcoming generations of female's thus building up their self confidence and worth toward achieving better things in life.

Let's consider certain factors that can militate self confidence and boldness in the girl child.

1. As a parent/Guardian see the girl child as important as it male counter part.

2. Don't shout at them too much so you don't make them have low self esteem.

3.Don't shout at them when they want to be free with you.

4. Teach them in God's ways, always pray for them and live by example.

5. Cultivate whatever traits you want to see in them as you are their first role model.


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