Here are a few we’ve listed out for you. Feel free to join the conversation, if you have any suggestion by letting us know

 “Which and why” you wouldn’t leave home without.

• SUNGLASSES: They protect your eyes from aging and wrinkles, and the can also change the entire vibe of an entire outfit making you look more stylish.

Think of the sharp of your face an try a few pairs on, so you can get the right fit...

• WRIST WATCH: This is the anchor piece of every elite-man and fashion enthusiast. It has a great way of letting your reputation proceed you even without altering a statement.

   Bonus tip,

Think of the function you’ll be attending if it’s a business setting, a weeding, sports or a casual get-together with friends so you can choose your watch appropriately. Why? 

  Let’s take for instance you don’t want to be the guy the wears a 

G-shock with a tuxedo. 

 That’s a typical example of wearing a watch out of its place. Choose appropriately.

• BRACELETS: Bracelets are one of the hottest trends in men’s fashion right now; bracelets have a great way of letting your reputation proceed you, especially if you’re wearing a unique piece.

   Be it corporate or casual this piece of accessory u will definitely compliment your outlook adding more color and style, to your overall outfit.  

Helping you make the ultimate fashion statement. 

• WALLET: This serves as an essential carrier for all your valuables. A classic, 

    Zip-around will work perfectly for every day and for everyman.


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