A lady on Twitter, @chara_xx posted on Twitter on Saturday that her friend died due to the recklessness of the doctors at Beachland Hosp. AREPO. according to her,

My friend Lara feeling some type of way (ulcer attack as she claimed in her status) she went to the hospital,tested + also to malaria (according to her) & was given some injections... and then she went back home....Thread #JusticeForOmolara #reformthehealthsysteminnigeria

got to Lara’s place at past 10. She had tried to eat and vomited, she was sweating profusely. I started to clean, she vomited again. I went to her neighbor so we could go back to the hospital since she wasn’t getting better, she was breathing hard too. #JusticeForOmolara
We got to Beachland Hosp. AREPO and she saw the same doctor that attended to her initially, I excused them but I heard him say “I’ll have to admit you” I dashed back to her to pick stuff that she’d be needing. Before I got back she had been taken to the wards. #JusticeForOmolara

It is so disheartening that this could happen which seems like a norm in most hospitals. Life is not taken seriously in

In Nigeria, we need a total reform of the health sector.



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