Dogs and cats are two different animals and most people are finding it difficult coming to that realization. And since cats were the last amongst the two to be domesticated, they are the most misunderstood, especially in my country.

Cats are termed creepy/weird/evil because humans expect them to act a certain way, more like dogs. We forget that those two are totally different. It's funny though. We expect cats to act like dogs, but we hold the believe that no two humans are the same. Lol. Quite Ironic, right?

If you are a cat owner or a future owner, I suggest it's best you read about your favourite breed of cat. But generally speaking, cats are attention seeking animals. Stop a dog from doing a thing and he listens. Stop a cat from doing a thing and, "oh, I've caught your attention. So, I'd keep doing it because this is what catches your attention." Two different animals, understanding things differently.

Cats can be trained, but their trainings differ from the trainings dogs receive.

Well, in conclusion, if you must own a cat, make an effort into understanding what they are like. Train them and you'd have yourself an understanding cat.


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