Never let the backward society or the faulty educational system brainwash you into thinking you can only & should only do one thing for the rest of your life. This is an erroneous belief system from the pit of hell we must do away with. God has placed in you hidden potentials you must quickly tap into & explore to bless the Earth & advance humanity.

There is no such thing as Jack of all Trade (forget that fallacy), you can truly become a Master of All if only you can devote your time/resources towards discovering your God-given talents & gifts. Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, engineer, scientist, poet & a writer. Elon Musk founded Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company, Neuralink Corp, Open AI and Paypal (formerly

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and Pixar Studios. There are many more great men and women out there doing wonders with their gifts. Do not shortchange or limit yourself to one thing for the rest of your life. God has placed in you unlimited potentials, once you begin to tap into it, you will become a mystery to ordinary men. The human mind (brain) is the most powerful tool on Earth; do not limit it with small thinking. You were created for a purpose; find out that purpose, tailor your life according to your God-given vision & your light will shine.God Bless...

Do you agree with me or not ?


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